Title to your land: What is the LRA’s Voluntary Title Standardization Program?


Bits and pieces of information have been circulating thru SMS messages and social media about the Land Registration Authority’s (LRA) title standardization program. What is this about and how does this concern property owners?

Land Titles: Manually-issued Certificate of Title

The classic version of the Certificate of Title looks like an ancient Egyptian manuscript with typewritten inscriptions and a dry-seal. Your grandparents most probably kept these in safety deposit boxes or inside the ever dependable steel cabinets.

Although safety deposit boxes and steel cabinets are dependable to some extent, these important documents are still very much susceptible to theft, fire, flood, and infestation (anay, bukbok, ipis, etc.).

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E-Titles on the other hand are now the modern version of the old manually issued Certificates of Title. These can be printed and issued efficiently by the Register of Deeds with several security details similar to modern day features of paper money and other bank notes.

Just like how birth, death, marriage and other certificates are now data captured and stored, E-Titles are digitally secured, retrieved, and reproduced.

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Voluntary Title Standardization Program

The LRA issued Circular 27-2011, informing property owners of a program that basically replaces the manually issued Certificates of Title.

A property owner simply has to proceed to the concerned Registry of Deeds, surrender the old Certificate of Title and prepare a verified petition for Voluntary Standardization of Certificate of Title.

Secure and protect those important documents because the loss of your titles may have catastrophic consequences. Seek consultation with your lawyer to get more information on how to secure the titles to your properties.

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