Read This if Your Newly Bought Condominium Unit Has Cracks on the Walls, Unfinished Paint, or Broken Fixtures.

Condominium dwellings make up a substantial percentage of households in highly urbanized cities like Metro Manila.

Students, young professionals and a lot of modern families have opted to stay in condominium units because of its prime location and the rising prices of residential lots adjacent to the cities.

With this option to live in a condominium however, owners sometimes encounter problems after the developer has turned over their units. The most common problem is poor workmanship.


Warranty From Hidden Defects

When someone buys a condominium unit, there are several steps taken by both buyer and developer before turn over. Normally, all physical and aesthetic defects are pointed out and the developer addresses these concerns.

Hidden defects, however, only manifest long after the unit has been turned over and rears its ugly head after the buyer has moved in and settled in the property.

The buyer may compel the developer to remedy these concerns until the root cause is squarely addressed.

Common examples of hidden defects are: leaking pipes, faulty electrical system, cracks on the walls and the like.

Incurable Defects

While most defects whether hidden or manifest can be remedied by simple plumbing, carpentry or masonry, there are also defects that are incurable because the developer failed to follow proper specifications approved by the proper authorities.

In this case, the buyer may file a case against the developer for a complete refund of all payments made plus damages.

It is best to notify your developer of any and all defects that arise after moving in the property. Also, make sure that these are fully documented for your own reference.

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