Subdivision Car Pass Stickers: How Much Should They Really Cost?

Primary Purpose: Control

One main benefit of living in gated villages or more popularly known in the country as subdivisions, is exclusivity. Homeowners strive to put their family in a quiet, secure and protected environment.


An effective way to ensure the exclusivity of a subdivision is to limit and control the number of cars that are allowed to enter. Peace and order is maintained when the homeowners association (HOA) has complete control of who goes in and out of the subdivision.

HOA Dues: Assessment and Payment

HOA dues are the lifeblood of the subdivision. The upkeep and security primarily depends on the regular collection and payment of dues.

Dues are assessed corresponding to a specific item such as garbage collection, street lighting, salary of security guards, etc. A precise statement of account enumerates every payable item down to the last centavo.

Price of Gate Pass Stickers

Subdivisions should therefore price their gate pass stickers reasonably. If HOA dues specifically point out to a particular payable item, payments for gate pass stickers should not be allowed to co-mingle with other streams of revenue.

The price of gate pass stickers must reasonably account for its cost of production, administration, implementation and record keeping. HOAs should not confuse the collection of payment for gate pass stickers to defray other expenses such as improvement of roads or hiring of more security guards.

Inquire with your HOA

So next time your HOA charges you an exorbitant price for your car pass sticker, kindly inquire on how they came up with the amount and keep in mind how car pass stickers should be properly assessed.

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